The stylist veneto Alberto Biani is definitely a personality " sui generis". Proponent of a concept of elegance and personal fashion, Alberto stands out of the platitudes and the ostentation. His debut in the world of fashion comes to chance in 1971, starting to collaborate with the Fiorucci jeans,and then move on to King's Jeans of Adriano Goldsmith and Gege'Schiena. With the last one,in 1976 he founded,the brand New york Industries.  
In 1999 he sees the birth of his homonym brand, that exactly represents the soul of his creator: "the elegance consists of expressing his own personality, without making himself recognize, without undergoing to some stylistic dictats."The fabrics and the items of the collection are rigorously "made in Italy." Fashion addict from so many years of Alberto Biani, it was Franca Sozzani.