The following
General Conditions of sale exclusively regulate presentation, offer, forwarding and acceptance of purchasing orders concerning products on sale at, addressing the users of our website
The website bagheeraboutique. Com is owned by the company Bagheera italia srl (bagheera), managing and operating the products sale.
Bagheera is registered at the Registro delle Imprese of Rome, VAT n. 09790281001, and is seated in Via Filacciano 5 – 00188 Rome Italy.
The General Conditions do not regulate service supplying or products sale carried out by other subjects than Bagheera, such as links, banners ect., displayed at Prior to submitting orders to such subjects, the user must verify their sale conditions. Bagheera points out once again that the company is not responsible for service supplying completed by third parties or for e-commerce operations involving the users of and third parties.
The official working language shall be Italian, useful to conclude the contract with Bagheera.

Our commercial policy exclusively addresses final consumers, or any natural person operating with with purposes that are not linked to one's commercial, professional or company activity. The user who cannot be considered as a "consumer" shall refrain from completing commercial transactions with Bagheera reserves the right not to dispatch orders resulting not in accordance with the present commercial policy.
Furthermore, only people who are of age (18 years) have access to our e-commerce operations. Commercial transactions exclusively involve products presented on the website, until stock depletion.

Conclusion of the contract
The contract shall be concluded by previous registration of the user, with the consequent acceptance of all sale conditions. Successively an order form, has to be filled in and forwarded to Bagheera via e-mail by following the related instructions. The order form summarizes information concerning the features of the products ordered by the user, price (including taxes or fees), delivery and payment terms and conditions, sales returns and withdrawal from the contract.
The order is settled when Bagheera receives the order-form, that is subject to data examinations. The buyer shall carefully read and accept the General Sale Conditions before placing the order. The order form will be filed permanently in our data bank, in compliance with current legislation. The customer will be asked to verify the exactness of data included in the order form.
Once the order is settled, Bagheera will send you an e-mail confirmation. The buyer will then arrange the payment, in order to enable the conclusion of the contract.
Following the checking of payment, data exactness and availability of the purchased products, Bagheera will consider the contract as concluded, by sending an e-mail as a shipping-confirmation, also summarizing information included in the order form (General Conditions of Sale, products characteristics, price, terms of payment, withdrawal and delivery costs).
With the e-order form transmission, the user unconditionally accepts and must abide by the present General Conditions of Sale and Withdrawal from the contract (the
General Conditions of use and the Privacy Policy are to be accepted when registering).
If the user does not agree with some conditions specified in the General Conditions of Sale, please do not send the order form to
We inform you that Bagheera reserves the right not to dispatch orders in case of insufficient solvency guarantee, inaccurate or incomplete forms and in case the items are not available. In such events, the user will receive a note by Bagheera, specifying the reasons why the order hasn't been dispatched. If some products are no more available, with particular reference to items that were still on sale when the ordered was forwarded, Bagheera will warn the person concerned in good time (within 30 days starting from the day following the order forwarding). Should the payment occur failing the contract conclusion, Bagheera shall immediately arrange the refund of the already paid amounts.

Guarantees and prices exclusively sells first quality and luxury products. Bagheera does not deal with second-hand articles or low quality products. (with reference to vintage items Bagheera will specify how to preserve the product).
A product card, providing essential information about the articles, is available at for every item on sale. Colours and images of products on sale might differ from reality, due to the Internet browser effect and depending on the monitor in use.
Prices are subject to updating. Please check the final price before sending your order form.
Orders from countries which are not included in the list displayed at the time of registration will not be accepted.
All products are provided with an identification tag attached with a disposable seal. Please do not remove the tag, in order to be allowed to exercise your right to return the goods when necessary. In such cases, Bagheera has the right to reject the return of items lacking in their tag, damaged or altered in their essential features.

The standard money at is Euro. The change applied to countries which are not included in the Euro area shall depend on your credit card and on the rates referred to the selected form of payment.
The payment of products and related delivery costs shall be arranged on-line. Financial data (credit card number or expiring date) will be collected by using a cryptography protocol by Banca Sella or other bank institutes providing the electronic payment service. Data will not be disclosed to third parties. Such information will be used, when necessary, only to complete the purchasing operations and to issue refunds in case of items returns. Financial data will also be disclosed to the police, when necessary, in order to prevent fraud against The purchasing price and delivery costs, as indicated in the order form, will be charged according to the selected payment form.

Shipment and delivery terms
Please go to the section
Shipments to get further information about shipment and delivery of the products.

Customer care
Customer care services are available on-line or at the following mail-address:

Withdrawal right
Please contact our customer care by email with your return request :

In the section
Privacy you can get information about personal data treatment. When registering, the user is obliged to accept the data handling conditions.
Please also read our
General Conditions of use, as they include useful information about personal data treatment and security measures adopted by

Applicable legislation and disputes
The General Conditions of Sale are regulated in compliance with the Italian law, with particular reference to Decree n. 206 (September 6, 2005), addressing distance contracts and to Decree n. 70 (April 9, 2003), concerning some aspects related to e-commerce.
Any dispute between Bagheera and the final user will be submitted to the Court of Rome –Italy.

Modifications and updating
The General Conditions of Sale will be modified also considering possible modifications occurring within legislation and will be communicated to the customer by e-mail. The new General Conditions of Sale will be effective starting from the day of displaying at
Please check regularly this section in order to know the most recent and up-to-date General Conditions of Sale at If you do not agree with all or some of the General Conditions of Use,
please do not use our web-site.

For further legal information, please see also the
General Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Withdrawal right sections.