A) PRIVACY POLICY (D.lgs. 196/2003)
A.1) Interested parties
The website Bagheeraboutique.com is owned by the company Bagheera Italia srl ("Bagheera”), managing and organising the products on sale.
BAGHEERA is registered at the Registro delle Imprese di Roma, CF/P.IVA 09790281001, seated in Via Filacciano 5 – 00188 Rome Italy.

BAGHEERA is the holder of your personal data according to the D. Lgs. N. 196, June 30, 2003 (Personal Data Protection Code). The above mentioned legislation regulates the protection of persons and other parties with reference to personal data. Personal data are treated in accordance with the current legislation.

A.2) Nature of the bestowal
Data bestowal has a relevant nature, as it deals with information the knowledge of which is suitable for the hereafter indicated purposes. Furthermore, BAGHEERA informs you that failure or wrong communication of compulsory data may prevent the Holder from ensuring the congruity of the treatment and may also lead to a suspension of BAGHEERA responsibility with reference to the consequences of such untruthfulness.

A.3) Data treatment purposes
Personal data are collected and handled by BAGHEERA for purposes connected with the use and related services offered by the web-site and with the products purchase via Bagheeraboutique. Com, as follows:

  • we collect personal data with reference to the subscribing process that is necessary to allow access to the reserved areas of Bagheeraboutique.com and the forwarding of the news via e-mail, when requested.;
  • With reference to customer care, we collect personal data in order to provide all the necessary information about Bagheeraboutique.com services and products purchasing.
  • With regard to the purchasing process at Bagheeraboutique.com we collect data through the order form.
  • We collect data in order to provide technical assistance concerning internet navigation, browser compatibility and Bagheeraboutique.com loading and display

Personal data are in most cases electronically treated. In some cases, (for example to avoid fraud) the information may be handled in paper format.
Personal data are retained in order to enable their indentification within the period of time that is strictly necessary to achieve the specified purposes, in accordance to the current legislation.
Please notify any modification in your personal data at customercare@Bagheeraboutique.com.
We do not disclose personal information to third parties for illegal purposes or without your express consent. Data will be disclosed to third parties if this is required for completing your transaction with us (for instance, the Banca sella requires such data for payment operations). Furthermore, data will be forwarded to the Police or to the Judicial Authority, according to the current legislation and upon formal request (for example within anti-fraud services of Bagheeraboutique.com).
BAGHEERA handles your data for direct marketing purposes with your express consent only.
In some cases BAGHEERA might be treating personal data of third parties involved in the purchasing process: this occurs, for instance, when the subscriber buys an item to be dispatched to a friend, that is when the paying subject differs from the product receiver. This also happens when the subscriber intends to indicate the services (or a specific offer) provided by Bagheeraboutique.com to a friend .
In such cases, the customer is obliged to obtain the express consent from the person to whom data are referred and to inform him about the present Privacy Policy. The customer is the sole responsible for the disclosure of data and information of third parties without their express consent, or for illegal purposes. We inform you that the consent of such third parties is not necessary when their data are communicated to BAGHEERA for completing the contract with the company .

A4) Data treatment modalities
Data treatment is carried out through paper or electronic format or any other means present and future, with particular reference to:

  • Entrustment of elaboration operations to third parties
  • Computer handling
  • Manual treatment (paper archives)

Personal data handling occurs in accordance with the Privacy Code (art. 11, 31 and following) and by the adoption, in compliance with the disciplinary measures included in the Annex B, of the minimum security measures regulated in the Privacy Code, Art. 35.
By acceptance, the interested party expresses the consent to data treatment according to the above mentioned conditions, including disclosure to third parties. Thus, BAGHEERA acquires the faculty of using data, also for commercial purposes and with reference to data banks in which information might be included, or for any other use.

A5) Communication

Data are stored at the Handler’s offices, and will be communicated to the competent subjects for the implementation of the necessary operations, in order to guarantee a proper management of the business relationship and the safeguard of the user’s rights.
Data are handled by staff , collaborators, and by the service company of BAGHEERA.
Data might be disclosed without restrictions- especially in a exemplifying way- to third parties

Dhl/Bartolini for the handling of data necessary to carry out dispatching activities, including restitution of goods purchased at Bagheeraboutique.com

  • Brgcom s.r.l., handling data with reference to BAGHEERA’s server management and maintainance
  • Banca Sella

Personal data will also be disclosed for purposes indicated at point A3) to external collaborators, or to all those subjects to whom data communication is necessary for the proper accomplishment of aims mentioned at point A3)

A.6) Disclosure

Collected data shall be communicated/disclosed without restriction to third parties if the Handler believes it to be necessary.

A.7) Handler

BAGHEERA is the Handler of the user’s personal data and decides in conditions of full autonomy on the treatment modalities, security profile included.

A.8) Rights of the user

The user is allowed at any time to exercise the rights indicated in D.Lgs. 196/2003, art. 7, that is he has the right to erase, modify, update and integrate his personal data. By sending an e-mail to customercare@bagheeraboutique.com, you will receive an updated list of the subjects responsible for data handling.

A.9) Modifications and updating of Privacy Policy of Bagheeraboutique.com

BAGHEERA is allowed to modify or simply update, totally or partially, the Privacy Policy at Bagheeraboutique.com, also considering possible modifications occurring in legislation regulating the present matter and safeguard your rights. Modifications and updates of the Privacy Policy will be notified to the users at the home page of the web-site, and will be operative and binding beginning from the day of their publication at Bagheeraboutique.com Please visit regularly the home page, so that you can read the most recent and up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy at Bagheeraboutique.com.

A.10) Operative Effectiveness

The above mentioned rules shall be applied to all present and future tasks –verbal agreement included - entrusted to BAGHEERA.
Copying of art. 13 D. Lgs. 30 giugno 2003, n. 196

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