Bagheera’s tale begins in 1972 located in the exclusive residential area of parioli, the first ready to wear boutique to open in the neighbourhood and promptly receiving the enthusiasm of selected customers whom  to propose an extraordinary variety of reknowned brands in the international fashion place.

Today, both boutique in clothing and accessories are a reference point for who opts for a refined contemporary style where uniqueness, creativity, exclusivness clearly define the mood of the bagheera project. 

Bagheera is a rendez-vous must for those really in quest for the essence of an original cosmopolitan style deriving from the travels of the buyer Francesca Jori, always aware of the frequent evolutions in the fashion world.

Incidentally Bagheera, which  has always been considered a pioneer in the animalier style,  derives its name from one of the main characters in R. Kipling “Jungle book”.

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